Ives' popularity among universities in general and students in particular was extraordinary.  A year after his canonization, some Breton students at Paris University proposed the founding of a new confraternity, and the building of a chapel in the area where Ives had himself lived and studied.  The Law School at Orleans also honoured its former student.  Cassard criticizes another university for misappropriating Ives:  "in Tours the young university claims against all reason that Ives figured among the numbers of its alumni".

Already in about 1350 Ives' feast day was a class holiday among the "nations" of Picardy and Germany (ie associations of students from those regions) at the University of Paris; then later in the south of France; and then in the founding statutes of the University of Nantes in 1460, the first Breton university.

Ives was also honoured at universities in Belgium, Poland and Prague.  In Rome, the church of la Sapienza, the chapel of the corporation of law students and teachers and, from 1303, of the newly founded University of Rome, was renamed in St Ives' honour.  Sant' Ivo alla Sapienza cuts a distinctive figure on Rome's skyline owing to its spiralling tower, added by Borromini in the 1650s.  More recently, an Association Saint-Yves presides over the Catholic University of the West, based in Angers, but with a campus recently established at Guingamp, close to Treguier. 

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