Traditional prayer courtesy of the diocese of Saint-Brieuc and Tréguier, Brittany

St Ives, when you lived among us
You were the advocate of the poor
The defender of widows and orphans,
Provider for all the needy.

Listen today to our prayer!

Help us to love justice as you loved it!  
Help us to know how to defend our rights
Without prejudice to others,
In seeking above all reconciliation and peace.
Rouse up defenders to plead the cause of the oppressed
So that "justice may be done in love".

Give us a humble heart
Capable of resisting the attraction of riches,
Capable of feeling and sharing the misery of others.

You the model of priests
Who travelled through our fields, upsetting the crowds
By the fire of your word and the radiance of your life,
Obtain for our country the priests it needs!

St Ives, pray for us!

Pray for those whom we love!
Pray for those whom we find it difficult to love!

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