One of the things which made Ives a modern and very approachable saint to his contemporaries, one rooted in their daily lives, was his vocation as a parish priest.  Ives was the only parish priest to be canonized in the Middle Ages, in contrast to bishops, abbots, monks and hermits.  Indeed, apart from St Jean Vianney, he remains unusual in this respect even today.

Ives' potential to serve as an example of the model priest both to parishioners and to other priests may have been one of the reasons for his canonization, and he was certainly used as a model during the Counter-Reformation.  After the Council of Trent, a new image of St Ives appears in artwork, no longer wearing the robes of a judge, but rather a black soutane, white surplice, even a pom-pommed biretta - all bearing no resemblance to what he actually wore, but effective in presenting him to new eyes as a parish priest.  

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