2 February 2018

Catholic Communications, Sydney Archdiocese

The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, Most Rev. Anthony Fisher OP, delivered a strong call for the protection of religious freedom in Australia before a congregation of lawyers and lawmakers that included NSW Attorney-General, Mark Speakman MP, Opposition Leader Luke Foley MP, and Chief Justice of NSW, Tom Bathurst this week.

In the homily for Red Mass, which officially marked the opening of the 2018 law term, Archbishop Fisher addressed the emergence of an aggressive secularism with its "hard-edged determination to minimise the role of faith in every life and exclude it altogether from the public square." The Archbishop questioned whether people of faith would, in the future, be free in future to hold, speak and practice their beliefs.

Reflecting on the Gospel reading, where Jesus exhorted His followers to render to God what was God's and to Caesar what was Caesar's, Archbishop Fisher remarked that a commitment to the 'common good' and respect for the dignity of all would be crucial in reconciling competing rights.

Read the Homily here.


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