Sites associated with St Ives

- The hall of the hospital where Ives gave away his clothes to the poor is still standing and is now the St Augustine Centre.

- The village of Minihy, where St Ives retired to tend to the poor. However, the Hélory family's manor house, where Ives was born and died, was destroyed by fire in the 1800s. Today only the dovecote (3rd photo down) is still standing.

- Tréguier Cathedral , where a memorial is dedicated to St Ives. The memorial dates only from 1890.  An earlier and more magnificent mausoleum once stood there, built by the Duke of Brittany in the early 1400s, was destroyed during the Revolution.

- St Ives of the Bretons in Rome was restored as part of the 700th anniversary celebrations. 

- St Ives of the University in Rome (Sant' Ivo alla Sapienza) - thus called because it was built on the site of an ancient university. Built from 1643-60, it is Borromini's masterpiece. 

- An English connection?

There are 2 towns in England called St Ives, but they have no connection with the Breton saint. Each of them is named for a different, earlier saint of the same name (an Irishwoman and a Persian hermit respectively).

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