Celebration of St Ives' feast day

St Ives' "pardon" - the Breton term for a religious festival - is celebrated each year on the 3rd Sunday in May. About 12,000 people attend the festival. They include many French lawyers in their trademark black robes and white neck pieces, as well as lawyers from further afield.  (A conference of lawyers also usually takes place shortly before the feast day.)  The participants attend Mass, vespers and Benediction in the cathedral at Tréguier, and then walk in procession to the village of Minihy where St Ives died.  Participants take turns to carry St Ives' relics at the head of the procession. 

News about the feast day celebrations for 2010

Photos of the feast day celebrations from 2005-2009

700th anniversary celebrations 

In 2003 the feast was marked with particular solemnity because it was the 700th anniversary of St Ives' death. The Pope sent Monsignor Pompedda, the most senior lawyer of the Vatican, as a special envoy to attend on his behalf.  Meanwhile, representatives of the diocese of Tréguier travelled to Rome for the feast day. 

The Pope's address to the pilgrims at their audience 

Message from the Pope to Bishop Lucien Fruchaud of Saint-Brieuc and Tréguier, in honour of the 700th anniversary

Three scholarly conferences were also held throughout the year to analyse and celebrate Ives' life and his effect on jurisprudence, two in Tréguier and one in Rome. These included such topics as "The juridical formation of St Ives" and "St Ives, or justice and law as roads to sanctity". 


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