Breakfast with Rod Dreher, author of "The Benedict Option" - Monday 20 May

Our next breakfast will be a Q&A session with Christian blogger, author and film critic Rod Dreher.
Rod’s “The Benedict Option” is a New York Times bestseller that sparked a nationwide debate about the future of Christianity in the west.

Come and hear a fascinating and lively discussion!  This is Rod’s first visit to Australia, and he is in Melbourne for one day only.

“Hostile secular nihilism has won the day in our nation’s government, and the culture has turned powerfully against traditional Christians.  We tell ourselves that these developments have been imposed by a liberal elite, because we find the truth intolerable:  The American people, either actively or passively, approve.”

“Our scientists, our judges, our princes, our scholars, and our scribes — they are at work demolishing the faith, the family, gender, even what it means to be human.”

“Rather than wasting energy and resources fighting unwinnable political battles, we should instead work on building communities, institutions, and networks of resistance that can outwit, outlast, and eventually overcome the occupation.” 

Quoted from “The Benedict Option: A Strategy for Christians in a Post-Christian Nation”

Here are the details:

When:  Monday 20 May
Where:  7.30am at the Essoign Club, Level 1, 205 William Street

Bookings for the cooked breakfast are now closed.  However, you are most welcome to attend and order your own breakfast from the Essoign.  Please still rsvp to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we know to expect you.

First Friday gatherings

Join us for Mass and breakfast before work on the first Friday of each month.

Our next gathering will take place on Friday 7 June - here are the details:

Time: 7.30am Mass
Church: St Francis' Church, corner of Lonsdale & Elizabeth Streets, CBD.
Meeting point: outside the main door of the church after Mass.

Or, if you are running late, just meet us at the Michelangelo cafe for coffee or breakfast (sometimes upstairs) - 215 Queen Street, between Lonsdale Street and Little Bourke.

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