Blessed Jeanne Marie de Maillé (1331-1414) reported a vision of St Ives at a difficult time in her life.  The young Baroness had been widowed and then driven from her castle by her in-laws - who blamed her for encouraging excessive charity in her husband, to the detriment of the new heir.  After being mistreated even by a servant she had taken refuge with, she had returned to her family in Tours.  The encounter certainly sounds characteristically Ivesian, as 2 historians of the Third Order take up the story:  St Ives "advised her to leave the world and put on the habit that he was wearing.  As one her biographers tells us, St Yvo said:  "If thou wilt leave the world, thou shalt taste, even here below, the joys of heaven." " 

The same authors speculate that Jeanne Marie did not welcome the prospect of giving up everything:  "Poor little Baroness!  She had been frightened at all the liberty poverty promised and clung, one fancies, to the peace and the last shelter left her in her own home.  But God ordained otherwise."  Jeanne Marie must indeed have been reluctant, for only after a vision of Our Lady, repeating the same advice, did she take the habit of the Third Order.

Qutotations from Cecily Hallack and Peter F. Anson in "These Made Peace:  Studies of the Saints and Blessed of the Third Order of St. Francis", Ch. VI, pp. 152-3


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