Catholic Medical Association of Victoria (CMAV) Ethics Series 2020

The CMAV 'Foundations of Christian Ethics'  Seminar Series for 2020  will be led by CMAV chaplain Fr Paschal Corby OFMConv and will be held once a month on Tuesdays at the Ashburton Library.

It will consist of a series of NINE lectures and discussions over the year and is available exclusively to CMAV Financial Members and without cost. The series will also be filmed and made available to all Australian CMA members via the Website Members Page. 

This is a unique and rare opportunity to receive high level teaching and guidance in essential yet often neglected areas of healthcare education.

It is hoped these monthly sessions will provide the necessary groundwork and establish a sound philosophical and theological basis to assist young health professionals to engage seriously with the difficult ethical issues currently faced in the healthcare sector. 

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Dates and Topics:

  1. Tuesday 25th Feb:  The Moral Act
  2. Tuesday 31st Mar:   The Principle of Double Effect
  3. Tuesday 26th May:  Sources of Morality
  4. Tuesday 30th Jun:   Conscience
  5. Tuesday 28th Jul:    The Ethical Theory of Principlism
  6. Tuesday 25th Aug:  Issues at the beginning of life [1]
  7. Tuesday 29th Sep:   Issues at the beginning of life [2]
  8. Tuesday 27th Oct:   Issues at the end of life [1]
  9. Tuesday 24th Nov:  Issues at the end of life [2]