Tuesdays, 6–7pm (except Anzac Day)

Caroline Chisholm Library, 358 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne (near Elizabeth Street)

This 20-week course, which began 28 March, is examining the major questions of philosophy from the standpoint of the philosophy of St Thomas Aquinas. It is being given by John Young B.Th. His booklet "Reasoning Things Out" forms the basis for the course.

Some of the questions being discussed include: How do we know reality? What is man? Do we have free will? Can the existence of God be proved? How much can philosophy tell us about God? The moral life and the natural moral law. Included is a historical sketch of philosophy from ancient Greek times to the present.

John Young is a graduate of the Aquinas Academy in Sydney, has taught philosophy in four seminaries, and is author of the book "The Scope of Philosophy".

Cost: Donation. Participants for individual lectures are still welcome to join at any time.

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